[Paraview] How to visualize multipart/multiblock models

Samuel Key samuelkey at bresnan.net
Thu Dec 18 14:52:45 EST 2008


ParaView is quite happy to read multiple copies of your *pvd file as in 
1 below. You can then process them independently. You also create 
multiple "edited" *.pvd files that each has only one part. PV can read 
them all and have individual pipelines in which a Transform filter can 
translated and rotate the part (side-by-side view, symmetric halves used 
to create a whole, "exploded" part views, two different orientations of 
the same part with the same or different information displayed on the 
part, et cetera). The more you use PV the smarter it gets. With multiple 
parts, each with its own pipeline, you can use the "eyeball" icon in the 
pipeline display window to turn on/off any combination of parts you like.

I personally find PV amazingly versatile. What is limiting is my 
imagination to realize everything it can do just as it is.

Sam Key

M. Nawijn wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to find a way to subdivide a structural analysis model in
> several parts in such a way that I can post-process the results in
> Paraview. The primary objective for me is to be able to hide and show
> different parts of the structure. The model itself is not too large
> (say 50.000 cells). A bonus for me would be that I can assign a
> different color (or different properties in general) to each of the
> parts.
> I have tried a few things with Paraview:
>     1. Create a set of individual .VTU files and combine them in a
> .PVD file. This works very nice for building result sequences of the
> complete model.
>     2. Create a set of individual .VTU files and combine them in a
> .PVM file. This works in the sense that I can import a complete model
> build up from several pieces, but I cannot assign colors to each of
> the parts and are unable to hide and show individual parts (tried by
> using the "extract datasets" filter).
>     3. Create a XDMF XML file with 2 GRID elements in a single domain.
> This again allows me to import the model and show hide individual
> parts. I can still assign only 1 color to the complete model.
> Is subdivision into multiple showable/hideable parts, including
> individual color assignment, possible with either XDMF or VTK XML
> files?
> If so, can someone post a minimal example?
> BTW. I hope this is not a double post. I posted this message
> yesterday, but did not receive it though my subscription. I actually
> found this message in the Paraview mail-archive. Maybe there is a
> problem/restriction on the message format. I mailed from my GMAIL
> account in the default rich text format. I will try now in plain text.
> If it is a double post, please forgive me ;).
> Kind regards,
> Marco
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