[Paraview] [Ensight] 2D gold forme

Samuel Key samuelkey at bresnan.net
Fri Dec 5 17:56:25 EST 2008


My EnSight-formatted case files (in this case fmaego.data.case) that 
work with both ParaView and EnSight look like --

type: ensight gold
model:                   1  1  fmaego.data.geom    change_coords_only
vector per node:         1  1  Displacement          fmaego.data.ndis
vector per node:         1  1  Velocity              fmaego.data.nvel
vector per node:         1  1  Acceleration          fmaego.data.nacc
scalar per node:         1  1  Maximum-Velocity      fmaego.data.nvmx
scalar per element:      1  1  Material              fmaego.data.emat
scalar per element:      1  1  Material-State        fmaego.data.esta
scalar per element:      1  1  Pressure              fmaego.data.eprs
scalar per element:      1  1  Bulk-Strain           fmaego.data.elnv
scalar per element:      1  1  Strain-Energy-Density fmaego.data.esed
scalar per element:      1  1  Effective-Stress      fmaego.data.edev
vector per element:      1  1  Stress*Vel            fmaego.data.estv
tensor symm per element: 1  1  Stress                fmaego.data.estr
time set:                1
number of steps:       201
time values:                  5.000000000000E-07      2.500000000000E-04
       5.000000000000E-04      7.505000000000E-04      1.000500000000E-03
       1.250000000000E-03      1.500000000000E-03      1.750000000000E-03

The difference I see is my explicit inclusion of the variable name 
before the file name.  Is it possible that EnSight understands the 
"condensed" form where the variable name is appended to the file name?

Sam Key

Josué Barboza wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to read a 2D ensight gold results. The .case file looks like:
> type: ensight gold
> model: NS_Inlet.ens.geo
> scalar per node: pressure NS_Inlet.ens.pressure
> vector per node: velocity NS_Inlet.ens.velocity
> scalar per node: temperature NS_Inlet.ens.temperature
> "
> The variable files are in binary format.
> Paraview shows the mesh but nothing else (no variables).
> All is ok when Ensight is used.
> Thx in advance for you help.
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