[Paraview] Xdmf wrappers for our HDF5

Jerry Clarke clarke at arl.army.mil
Tue Aug 26 11:13:33 EDT 2008


Has the large grid ever worked in the past ... I may have
broken the extents when I modified the parallelism for spatial

If I broke the parallelism, that might explain the slowness
on smaller grids.

I'm assuming that the Xdmf xml just specifies a single
structured grid.


Jean Favre wrote:
> Eric E. Monson wrote:
>>  We use the Xdmf wrappers for our HDF5 for now.
> I am still encounteering major difficulties with Xdmf (cvs version of 
> yesterday). Speed and Memory. When reading in parallel for example, the 
> Xdmf reader attemps to allocate memory for the WHOLE grid on every node 
> (independent of the number of pvserver nodes) causing memory crashes. 
> There must be a problem reading the Extents. Using straight HDF5, I pass 
> the Extents as hyperslabs and it works fine. I can read 2048^3 in 
> parallel. For smaller grids, if memory is not a problem, the Xdmf 
> wrapper works too, still considerably slower.
> Jean -- Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
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