[Paraview] undo/redo in split pane forces zoom

Geoff Draper draperg at cs.utah.edu
Mon Aug 25 19:15:00 EDT 2008

To duplicate:

1. Create any primitive object (i.e. Sources -> Cone) and Apply.
2. Split the view either horizontally or vertically.
3. With the new (blank) view selected, create another primitive object 
(i.e. Sources -> Cone) and Apply.
4. Click the Undo button; the view goes blank as expected.
5. Click the Redo button; the geometry is restored to the view, but the 
camera has now zoomed in significantly, making the object appear larger 
than before.

Interestingly, the unsolicited zoom only happens in a split view, not in a 
normal full-size view.

These results were obtained on Windows Vista, using a build of ParaView 
compiled in Visual Studio 2005, from the source tree checked out from CVS 
earlier today.

Thanks for any help you could offer,

P.S. Thank you developers for your quick resolution to bug #7515!

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