[Paraview] [Xdmf] Xdmf time series loads as Multi-block Dataset (UNCLASSIFIED)

John Biddiscombe biddisco at cscs.ch
Mon Aug 18 10:50:37 EDT 2008

Further to my email the other day. Putting the commented line back in, 
did 'appear' to fix my temporal problem, but on closer inspection, 
although the time steps were correct, the data inside them was missing. 
Inspector showed no cells, points etc.

I reverted my own copy back a couple of revisions so that I could work 
with my own data. I await further developments, but am available (this 
week) for help/testing if need be



> Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
> Caveats: NONE
> All,
> I was out all of last week so I'm in catch up mode ....
> I was making significant changes to the XDMF reader and they are not
> finished yet. I checked in the changes that made the spatial collection
> of temporal collections work. The issue was that the reader was assuming
> that a temporal collection was at the first level (which may be the most
> common case).
> As I recall (it will take me a few hours to get back into the code) the 
> changes that I made now treat spatial and temporal collections similarly
> no matter the level. There's an internal flag to mark the temporal
> collections.
> That's why there is a big multiblock dataset for temporal collections.
> The code to now make the output of a temporal collection the same type
> as the children (and not a multiblock) is not yet working. Hopefully I
> can get back to it today after fighting some other fires.
> The main problem I was dealing with (other than the above temporal
> collection
> multiblock issue) was getting the reader to work correctly in parallel
> when
> the collection was not at the top level, i.e. not duplicating reads.
> Jerry Clarke
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> at 1390 of xdmf reader
>         // we will not output a TemporalDataset, but use this as a flag
> for later
>         // Jerry Change Me
>         sub->vtkType = VTK_TEMPORAL_DATA_SET; the sub->vtkType line was
> commented out. Putting it back in fixes my problem, but could Renato
> send me a small example of (or link to) his grid of spatial/temporal
> mixmatch combination stuff so I can test the other kind. If large, email
> me off lists for ftp info.
> thanks
> JB
> 	Eric
> 	I just tried xdmf for the first time in a couple of weeks an
> yes. It's 
> 	completely stuffed. I get a multiblock dataset with 800 blocks,
> each 
> 	being one timestep - instead of a single (or possibly
> multi-block) 
> 	dataset with time varying stuff.
> 	I Can see looking at Jerry's changes on immediate probable
> cause, but 
> 	I'd better read through the email he sent a few days/week back
> and 
> 	review the changes. I see what Jerry has tried to do - create a 
> 	multiblock xdmf structure and just fetch the correct grid when
> you 
> 	request a timestep - thus giving us what we want. But there's a
> flaw in 
> 	the logic when the actual output dataset is generated - so that
> it 
> 	creates a multiblock one instead of the type givenm by the Nth
> (=time) 
> 	dataset inside it when we are fetching a time step which is not
> composite.
> 	I need this to work, so I'll be looking at it soon. Ig Jerry
> reads this 
> 	before I fix it, then feel free to step in with the correct
> patch :)
> 	JB
> 		Hey all,
> 		Maybe I'm behind on my Xdmf XML format again, but my
> files that a  
> 		month or two ago loaded a time series of unstructured
> grids now loads  
> 		into ParaView CVS as a Multi-block Dataset with one
> block for each  
> 		time step at each time point.
> 		Let's say I have 1200 Polyvertex time steps in my file.
> I can (slowly)  
> 		step through the animation of my grid, but at each time
> point the  
> 		progress bar is cycling through a bunch of work, and
> each time point  
> 		lists (in the Information tab Data Hierarchy pane) a
> Multi-block  
> 		Dataset made up of 1200 Unstructured Grids. Clicking on
> each of these  
> 		blocks reveals that only the "current" time step block
> has Data Arrays  
> 		associated with the grid. So, at each time step of the
> animation, the  
> 		process seems very slow because 1200 blocks are being
> loaded, only one  
> 		of which actually has real data in it. (The Time pane at
> the bottom of  
> 		the Information tab always lists the correct time
> indices and values  
> 		for the whole series.)
> 		Maybe this is just a change in the way time series are
> dealt with, but  
> 		it is much slower with my data sets, and it made more
> sense to me to  
> 		have each time step able to be represented as a simple
> grid, if  
> 		desired. (I have been using a self-modified
> vtkXdmfReader.cxx file for  
> 		a while, so I'm not sure when this multi-block issue
> would have  
> 		appeared.)
> 		Thanks,
> 		-Eric
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