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Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Tue Aug 12 11:42:50 EDT 2008

Hi Mark,

Can you capture these use cases in the bug tracker? I have some ideas
about how deal with them but I need to think more and I don't have
time right now.


On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 4:49 AM, Olesen, Mark
<Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com> wrote:
> Hi Berk,
> In this case I am using the ParaView reader module included as part of
> the OpenFOAM distribution. The GUI has a number of provisions
> (checkboxes) for altering the reader's behaviour that should ideally be
> modifiable without requiring the reader to re-execute.
> These are the switches
> 1. Include Sets
> 2. Include Zones
> These two include cell/face/point sets/zones in the list of mesh parts
> that can be selected. Once the OpenFOAM mesh is loaded, the zones
> information is available and can be included in the list, depending on
> whether the user considers it useful or just clutter. Displaying these
> on the mesh-parts list leaves the reader output unaltered until the user
> explicitly selects a particular set or zone.
> 3. Show Patch Names
> Adds or removes a bunch of vtkTextActors to label the patch (boundary)
> region. This can be useful for finding which boundary is where, but
> otherwise clutters up the display. Does not affect the reader output.
> 4. Cache Mesh
> Select if the OpenFOAM mesh information should be cached between
> time-steps. This skips reading from disk for the geometry, but
> unfortunately until the VTK time handling improves, we cannot exploit
> this as much as desired. Does not affect the reader output.
> Perhaps rather than a simple 'immediate' property, the checkboxes should
> receive even more attributes. AFAIK it is currently not possible for the
> reader to change the GUI defaults or values. With vtkDataArray, it is
> possible to add a listener, but that causes the GUI state to change and
> 'Apply' lights up green.
> A simple example of wishing to push integer information to the GUI:
> In the EnSight reader, the modified version has the default ByteOrder as
> "auto detect" (UNKNOWN byte-order). After the Ensight binary files have
> been read, the byte-order is known and it could be nice to change the
> GUI display to reflect this information.
> However, the main motivation is the desire to add a local configuration
> file that the reader could parse and dynamically set particular reader
> defaults.
> I added Utkarsh's suggestions as a note on issue 7314.
> /mark
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>> What is the use case if I may ask?
>> -berk
>> On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 9:34 AM, Olesen, Mark
>> <Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com> wrote:
>> > Hi Utkarsh,
>> >
>> >> In the XML you can add a <Hints /> element as follows:
>> > ...
>> >> Then the GUI will not create a widget for it when generating a
>> panel.
>> >> The changes to that property should not result in Apply button
>> >> becoming green.
>> >
>> > But I'd actually like exactly the opposite - to have a widget shown
>> on
>> > the GUI that I can interactively change without the rest of the GUI
>> > noticing the change (and affecting the Apply button).
>> >
>> > The hand-waving settings:
>> >
>> >   <Hints>
>> >     <Property name="MyProperty" show="1" GUImodificationTime="0"/>
>> >   </Hints>
>> >
>> > I also thought that is_internal="1" on an IntProperty might have
>> done
>> > the trick, but the also suppresses creation of the widget.
>> >
>> >> For Rescan, you can always call
>> >> "vtkSMSourceProxy::UpdatePipelineInformation()" which should result
>> in
>> >> a call to RequestInformation() on the algorithm.
>> >
>> > Okay, that answers that 'callback' part of the question ... I just
>> need
>> > the other bits of magic.
>> >
>> > /mark
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