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Stéphane Montésino Stephane.Montesino at hmg.inpg.fr
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It is a visualisation trick so you will have a problem with your legend 
(the value will be inversed).
To resolve this problem, I cheat a little bit.
I Invert the color map of the data that I want to visualize correctly
and I use the legend of another source with the opacity set to zero

Hom Nath Gharti wrote:

> It's really nice but to my surprise, when I change the scale to some 
> negative value my object turns out to be black! It's ok until I scale 
> for some positive values but for negative values! Hmm.. what's this 
> problems? Of course, it works with transform filter though. Are these 
> not the similar processes?
> Many thanks,
> On 10/30/07, *Stéphane Montésino* <Stephane.Montesino at hmg.inpg.fr 
> <mailto:Stephane.Montesino at hmg.inpg.fr>> wrote:
>     You can also modify the display of your [source] with the [Display]
>     [actor control] -> Orientation and translate
>     It doesn't modify the data and it uses less CPU .
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