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Simone Crippa crippa at kth.se
Mon Oct 29 03:26:04 EDT 2007

Hi Bastil,

the software you are trying to use is still under development. Or let's 
say that what you can download is a first step of a FastLIC filter for 
Paraview. When the next step is going to come is uncertain.

Right now the filter can operate only on vtk unstructured grids. If the 
unstructured dataset contains non-triangle elements, it should be able 
to convert automatically other types to triangles. You can't specify an 
input vector right now, you have to pass it a vtp file which includes a 
"surface" grid and a surface-planar vector for each point of the grid, 
i.e. skin friction for (viscous) RANS CFD results or surface velocity 
for (inviscid) Euler CFD results.
How you extract this dataset from your data is up to you. Since I use 
Paraview to postprocess my data, once I find a certain spot I want to 
run LIC on, I extract the surface (vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter) from that 
specific dataset and then save it as a vtp file (or as vtm if the 
surface contains multiple parts). After that I run LIC from the commandline.

If you have further questions, please contact the original author, 
Markus Ringlander (makkan at gmail.com) or maybe check the vtkusers 
mailinglist for some of his comments. For copyright reasons I can't send 
you his Master Thesis, but if you ask him, I think he can send it to you.


Bastil2001 at yahoo.de wrote:
> Hi all,
> what I am trying to do is generating surface streamlines using paraview. 
> I found the following:
> http://www.ave.kth.se/divisions/aero/software/lic/lic.html
> The 3th picture is what I would like to do. I do not unterstnad how to 
> use the modified streamline filter of that webpage? Do I also need the 
> LIC algorithms from there? Which version of paraview is this intended 
> for? Maybe somebody could give me some hints? Thanks.
> Bastil
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