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Fabian Braennstroem f.braennstroem at gmx.de
Thu Oct 25 18:04:04 EDT 2007


looks really nice :-)


On Wednesday 24 October 2007 18:48, Utkarsh Ayachit wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Kitware, Sandia National Laboratories and CSimSoft are proud to
> announce the release of ParaView 3.2 beta. You can download it from
> http://paraview.org/HTML/Download.html. This is our first candidate
> for the 3.2 release. We hope to release 3.2 in 2 weeks.
> You can find release notes from previous alpha releases here:
> http://paraview.org/Wiki/ParaView_III_snapshots and some more
> information about ParaView 3 here:
> http://paraview.org/Wiki/ParaView_III
> This release includes the following enhancements/fixes:
> * New animation view for viewing, creating, modifying animations. This
> is improved version of the ParaView 2.6 animation tracks. We have made
> it more intuitive and easier to use.
> * The "Element Inspector" has been replaced by brand new "Spreadsheet"
> view which makes it possible to view the raw data produced by any
> source/filter.
> * Filters with multiple outputs and inputs are now supported. This
> opened doors for several new filter such as glyph with custom source,
> stream tracer with custom point source etc.
> * There are several improvements to charts including support for vector
> data in line charts (magnitude or component), support for labels, titles
> and legends, custom chart axes end points.
> * Selection support has undergone a major overhaul. It is now possible
> to select cells (or points) on surface of geometry or within a view
> frustum by simply dragging on the 3D view. The properties of the
> selection can be inspected/changed using the brand new "Selection
> Inspector" accessible through the "View" menu. "Extract Selection"
> filter can be used to extract the selected cells or points. Labels can
> be used to label the selected cells or points.
> * Support for eXtensible Data model and Format (XDMF) files is back and
> improved to support composite datasets, quadratic elements, mixed
> topologies. It is now possible to change domain and grid selections as
> well. * We are working on making ParaView totally at ease with composite
> data sets. As a part of the process histogram (and soon probe) filters now
> work with composite datasets. The python client can fetch composite
> datasets as well as perform operations such as min/max/sum on these
> dataset. * A new python module is introduced which makes dealing with
> proxies convenient. A separate document is available describing these
> python enhancements.
> * This version has many GUI usability improvements including but
> definitely not limited to:
>    - view based and application settings.
>    - using mouse clicks for picking center of rotation, point widget
> location.
> * We are constantly trying to make the documentation better. The online
> help has been extended to include the new functionality added since 3.0.
> Have fun.
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