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Alexander Jarosch ajarosch at eos.ubc.ca
Thu Oct 25 13:19:22 EDT 2007

Hi Sirou,

I am not very familiar with mandriva linux, but as I understand it, you
would need to reinstall a mesa library including the osmesa extension.
Is there an administrator who can help you, or do you manage the linux
machine on your own? I will be away over the weekend, but maybe anybody
else in the paraview community could help you in the meantime. If not, I
will try to do my best after the weekend. Here is just an idea. Mandriva
uses rpm packages for their software management, so if your could find a
a rpm containing the newest mesa lib with the osmesa extension included,
well than you would be able to try and fix that. More about mesa under



sirou mohammed wrote:
> hi alexander
> thanks for your answer
> excuse me ,i m late to reply to your message , because i don t have
> internet connection at home, i have it in the university only!!!
> first i m new in linux; i m using it for the CFD ( computational fluid dynamics)
> so to update and...!! i don t do it very well
> and for linux i have mandriva 2007

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