ENC: [Paraview] VTU File Format wih raw Data

Renato N. Elias rnelias at nacad.ufrj.br
Thu Oct 18 08:06:02 EDT 2007

Yes, it's possible. Sometime ago I've built a Fortran code which writes an
example of XML/VTK file in this way. Take a look here



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Is it possible to use “raw” data inside the VTU files?

Something like:

<VTKFile type="UnstructuredGrid" version="0.1" byte_order="LittleEndian">
    <Piece NumberOfPoints="6" NumberOfCells="1">
        <DataArray type = " Float32" NumberOfComponents="3"
format="appended" offset=”0” />
        <DataArray type="Int32" Name="connectivity" format="appended"
offset=”123” />
        <DataArray type="Int32" Name="offsets" format="appended"
offset=”234” />          
        <DataArray type="UInt8" Name="types" format="appended" offset=”345”
        <DataArray type="float" Name="stress" format="appended" offset=”567”
  <AppendedData encoding="raw">

I cannot find a concrete example. 
Is is right that I the raw data is organized somehow like that

_(size=#points*3*sizeof(Float32()(data of array)(size of
array1)(size=8(oct)*#cells*sizeof(Int32()(connectivity array)

If so, has the length to be stored in same format as Data (Int32,Float32,
Is it possible to mix data types or do they all have to be in same format
(e.g. Float32)

Best regards and thanks for any hint,

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