[Paraview] [PV3-CVS] client x server with Ensight SOS

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Wed Oct 10 15:02:08 EDT 2007

Unless something has changed while I wasn't looking, volume rendering is
not supported with multiblock data.  The issue with multiblock data is
that there probably is not a correct "visibility" order in which to
render the pieces.


You will either have to extract a piece that can be volume rendered or
else combine them all into a single unstructured grid.  I'm not quite
sure how to do this right now.  Perhaps someone can chime in.


BTW, we hope to address many of these multiblock issues for ParaView





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I'll second the question about the volume renderer.   Where is it hiding
in V3.x?

rnelias wrote: 

*.SOS I love this extension. It sounds so proper in my case... ;o)
Problem report:
I'm trying to load an Ensight SOS file which points to other 4 case
PV-3.3.x got from CVS today compiled in both sides (Pentium-4 Windows
x64 /
SGI Altix 450 Suse). Offscreen rendering provided by SGI Mesa library.
Conection is fine (4 mpi processes, reverse connection --> 1 windows
client). The weirdness is that some datasets are successfully loaded
others simply freezes my client (all of them written by exactly the same
routines). No error messages are printed anywhere. PV just sits there
and do
nothing. When I kill my pvserver an error message is written in the
r.cxx, line 79
vtkSMArraySelectionInformationHelper (10872B88): Error getting array
settings from server.
My guess is that pvserver is getting lost with the number of files in my
working directory (which is not so many ... 4 + 4 x 450 x 2 = 3600
Another suspect: does PV load all time steps before producing the first
rendering? In this case, I'll need to wait until something happen.
Recycling this messsage, just a last question:
-- Where do I turn the volume rendering on in PV-3.3.x? It used stay in
"Display Style\Representation"
Renato N. Elias
PhD student - http://www.nacad.ufrj.br/~rnelias
High Performance Computing Center (NACAD)
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
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