[Paraview] Opacity in paraview cvs

kmorel kmorel at sandia.gov
Tue Oct 9 01:04:44 EDT 2007

I'm just guessing here, but this might have to do with the new depth peeling
transparency.  I've never seen the behavior your describe, but it could
happen if your OpenGL driver has a messed-up implementation of the
extensions the depth peeling requires.  Bugs in the extensions are not all
that uncommon since they are typically the most recent additions to the

You could try simply updating your video driver.  You could also try
disabling the depth peeling feature in the source code (I'm not exactly sure
the easiest place to do that).  It may also behoove us to have an option to
disable the feature.


On 10/7/07 1:19 AM, "Jason Hoogland" <jdhoogland at wbmpl.com.au> wrote:

> Compiled/installed today's cvs on single cpu 32 bit ubuntu feisty, only
> major problem is any change to opacity of anything (point/cell volume,
> glyph) causes seg fault.  I need to use Berk's fixes to legacy vtk file
> set filename order, but I also need this opacity functionality to diagnose
> some runs.
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