[Paraview] RE: Parallel running slower than serial case

Raashid Baig raashid.b at rediffmail.com
Wed Oct 3 23:54:14 EDT 2007

I think that the correct way to start the pvserver is :
mpirun -np 2 ./pvserver --use-offscreen-rendering
This should solve the problem of 2 windows appearing simultaneously. 

> Hi,
> I'm running Paraview 3.1.0 on a Intel Centrino Duo with Ubuntu 7.04 and
> trying to visualize some CFD data on Ensigth Gold files(velocity on a
> 256x256x128 mesh) and when I run it in parallel the results arrive slower
> than on serial. Another weird thing (maybe a symptom) happens when
> I connect to the pvserverlaunched before: paraview opens 2 extra windows
> titled "Visualization Toolkit - OpenGL", one of witch reproduces the image
>  in the main Paraview window.
> This is how I'm running the program:
> server: mpirun -np 2 ./pvserver
> program: ./paraview
> The following options we're activating according to the info available at
> the wiki faq page and on the mailing list:
> In Edit/Settings/Active View Properties/Server
> Remote Render Threshold -> 0 MBytes
> Disable Ordered Compositing -> Unchecked
> Subsample Rate -> 4 Pixels
> Squirt Compression -> 19 Bits
> I see the pixelization when I rotate the picture, everything happens as
> it's
> described to suppose to happen, except for the two windows and, the real
> question here, the speed difference: slower in parallel mode.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> Luís Martins  
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