[Paraview] paraview novice attempts 1st viz

SamuelKey samuelkey at comcast.net
Wed Oct 3 21:58:22 EDT 2007

Greetings Friedrich Austin,

ParaView is expecting to deal with data sets much more complex than a 
csv "carpet plot" data set.  You cannot expect ParaView to read your 
mind.  You need to supply data to ParaView with more structure in order 
for ParaView to understand exactly what it is you have. There are two 
major types of data that ParaView requires: (1) geometric (mesh) 
information, and (2) data on the mesh points and data on the mesh cells. 
Until you convey to ParaView this information in a format that it 
understands, there is not much ParaView can do for you.

I strongly suggest you start by reading the documentation found here 

You want always to remember that the more you use ParaView, the smarter 
it gets. In the beginning ParaView demands a lot from you; in the end 
ParaView delivers a lot to you. In the vernacular of the street, "No 
pain, no gain."


Sam Key

fredrikaustin wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm having a difficult time viewing what must be the simplest data set 
> possible.  I have a csv file that includes 3 columns of numbers which 
> I'd like to view as 'elevation' type data: 1st two columns give x & y 
> coord (regular, though step-size for x and y are different), and 3rd 
> column gives a height (the data is actually error vs. 2 different 
> params).   I can open the file, and  see that it has read the columns of 
> data correctly, but can't get a plot of this surface.
> Seems this should be simple to view, but after blundering around the 
> interface for too long, it is not as obvious as one would hope.
> Thanks,
> Thomas Blom
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