[Paraview] how to see visualize/view asc. file / xyz. file?

Iryna Pavlyshak iryna at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Oct 3 15:31:45 EDT 2007

Dear all,

While using following pipelines for for visualization  asc. file (also xyz.) my cod was running almost all day until i saw the image (asc. file has 27Mb) in Visualization Window:
1) vtkPoints -- vtkPolyData -- vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter -- vtkContourFilter -- vtkPolyDataNormals -- vtkPolyDataMapper -- vtkActor -- ...
2) vtkPoints -- vtkPolyData -- vtkDelaunay3D -- vtkDataSetMapper -- vtkDataSetMapper -- vtkActor -- ...   

I couldn't  find any another solution only just to install Paraview.
But right now i can only open stl. file without problem,
as for asc. or xyz. i don't know what properties i should chose in Object Inspector in oder then see it and implement some filter or to export it as another format. By now it is prompting error massages.

Will be grateful any help,

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