[Paraview] resetting center of rotation

Mattijs Janssens m.janssens at opencfd.co.uk
Wed Oct 3 10:00:25 EDT 2007

I just tried the 3.3.0 development version and 
there is a button to pick the centre of rotation. 

How do I find out (or set) the exact position? I 
quite often use the cross-hair to find out 
specific positions for use in other programs.



On Wednesday 25 July 2007 11:41, Mattijs Janssens 
> In the 3.10 development version how can I reset
> the center of rotation by picking?
> I found the (rather hidden) center setting in
> the Edit->Settings->Annotation but would like
> to be able to pick my geometry.
> Regards,
> Mattijs Janssens
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Mattijs Janssens

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