[Paraview] Paraview 3.1.0 - ensight gold problem

Adrian Magda amagda at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 08:10:17 EDT 2007

Hello Paraview users,

I am back with my problem. After more testing i came to a point to 
believe there might be a bug in processing ensight gold data in paraview.

Again, i will briefly tell my problem. I use ensight gold unstructured 
grid. I have my geometry organized in two parts:
    part1 - the inner geometry of the flow, hexa8 elements
    part2 - the wall boundary condition, quad4 elements, which overlay 
over one side of the hexa8 elements

Now it seems that Paraview interprets somehow wrong the information 
provided. On one wall i always have kind of competition between hexa8 
and quad4 elements. See the first figure in the link provided below.

If i use the "Extract Datasets" filter and display the results only for 
the part1 containing only the hexa8 and display the temperature profile 
in a cut inside the geometry i have the expected results. See the second 
figure in the link below.

If i make a cut trough the entire geometry (part1 +part2) i see a very 
strange interpolation for the temperature. See the third figure in the 
link below.

I tested the results in ensight8 and all work as expected so i suppose 
that there might be a bug in Paraview  ensight gold module.

The link to the results:  

All the best


SamuelKey wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> Adrian Magda wrote:
>> Hi Samuel
>> Thanks a lot for your answer.
>> Both hex8 and quad4 store temperature as cell data. You are right the 
>> quad4 elements
>> are overlaying the hex8 surface.
>> If there is only a visual competition between the display from each 
>> part I think that should not effect the inner flow far from the wall 
>> no ?
> It would be my starting assumption that the inner flow far from the 
> wall  should not be affected. It must be affected or you would not ask?
>> For you all this works without problem ?
> My simulations are for the transient dynamic response of solids. As a 
> result, I do not look at stream lines, for example.  I do look at 
> iso-surfaces of velocity; the velocity iso-surfaces always appear 
> clean, that is, the iso-surfaces I have seen does not appear corrupted.
>> All the best
>> Adrian
>> On 9/30/07, *SamuelKey* <samuelkey at comcast.net 
>> <mailto:samuelkey at comcast.net>> wrote:
>>     Greetings Adrian,
>>     I use an EnSight Gold format with "parts," unstructured grids, 
>> multiple
>>     element types.
>>     Is Temperature point or cell data for the hex8 elements?
>>     Is Temperature point or cell data for the quad4 elements?
>>     In my experience, each "part" is a separate displayable object. 
>> While
>>     the nodal points appear "unique" to each "part" in the ParaView data
>>     set, the nodal points have the exact same coordinates since the 
>> quad4
>>     are overlaying the hex8 surface (at least, in my data sets they 
>> would).
>>     With quad4's overlaying the hex8 surface being coincident, I 
>> think you
>>     may seeing a visual competition between the display from each part?
>>     Regards,
>>     Sam Key
>>     Adrian Magda wrote:
>>      > Hi all Paraview users,
>>      >
>>      > I am using Paraview to plot my cfd results. I am using ensight 
>> gold
>>      > binary format. I can write and read the data with no problem, 
>> but it
>>      > seems paraview interprets the things wrong.
>>      >
>>      > The geometry file is divided in two part one containing the 
>> internal
>>      > flow (hexa8, unstructured)  and a part containing the boundary 
>> file
>>      > (quad4 unstructured elements).
>>      >
>>      > The problem is that always the temperature on the North wall 
>> of my
>>      > geometry seems to mixed with data from both hexa8 (first elementh
>>     near)
>>      > the wall and quad4 element (placed on the hexa8 wall). More if 
>> i do a
>>      > cut trough the geometry and display the temperature the 
>> temperature
>>      > profile is completely wrong
>>      > On the other hand if i use "Extract Datasets" option i can see 
>> the
>>      > correct Temperature profile on the inner flow and on the boundary
>>     area
>>      > for each part separately.
>>      > In order to check out more the encounterdproblem i decided to
>>     export a
>>      > simple OpenFOAM 3d case (20*20*20) (the 2d (in one direction 
>> only 1
>>      > cell) works with no probblem) and also i noticed strange 
>> things. For
>>      > exporting i used the included foamToEnsight module.
>>      >
>>      > Last and final try was to check the .case file in ensight8 and
>>     none of
>>      > the problems mentioned above were noted.
>>      >
>>      >
>>      > Did anybody else have had such problems ? There is any way around
>>     this?
>>      >
>>      >
>>      > Adrian
>>      >
>>      >
>>      >
>>      >
>>      >
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