[Paraview] Bad triangulation for Polygon

Mike Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 12:02:43 EDT 2007

I have had the same problems using the triangulation routines from  
ParaView/VTK. I ended up using some Delaunay Triangulation Code from  
the "Quake" Project at CMU and turning that code into a ParaView  
Filter (or at least trying to). I have had decent success with this  
approach. The filter works for most cases I throw at it but there are  
some cases where my algorithm is not properly preparing the input  



So, basically, you are probably on your own for writing/implementing/ 
borrowing better triangulation code.

Mike Jackson   Senior Research Engineer
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On Oct 2, 2007, at 11:49 AM, Bob Anderson wrote:

> For polygons with lobes, the tests I’ve done with ParaView don’t  
> give correct surface triangulation.
> In the case where the object comes from my custom reader, using  
> output->SetPolys(myCellsPtr); it produces a surface that doesn’t  
> stay within the polygon boundary, and applying the Delaunay2D  
> filter to the polyline object (SamplePolygon1Cell.vtk) also  
> ‘blobbs’ the polygon.
> See attachments –a correct surface triangulation  
> (SamplePolySurface.jpg), and the ParaView result  
> (PV_Delaunay2D_Polygon.jpg)
> I’m currently doing my own triangulation using ‘hgrd_src’ routines  
> from CodeProject, but if there is a better way to get the correct  
> results within ParaView I’d be happy to try it.
> Bob Anderson
> MIRARCO Mining Innovation
> Laurentian University
> <PV_Delaunay2D_Polygon.jpg>
> <SamplePolygon1Cell.vtk>
> <SamplePolySurface.jpg>
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