[Paraview] Re: [vtkusers] paraview crashes in VTK with > 2^31 points

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Thu Nov 22 11:19:39 EST 2007

On 11/22/07 2:14 PM, Marco Ehlert said:

>does paraview (resp. VTK) support data sets of
>more than 2^31 points on 64bit x86 ?

Which OS and which compiler are you on?  Does it use LP64, ILP64, LLP64.
etc?  See:

>I am using a raw file with dimension
>1630x1250x1520 of 8bit-points.
>During file reading paraview crashes with SIGFAULT.
>The crash seems based on a wrong 'int' calculation in
>    vtkImageData::AllocateScalars().
>After first attempt of fixing it roughly
>     scalars->SetNumberOfTuples((extent[1] - extent[0] + 1)*
>                                (extent[3] - extent[2] + 1)*
>                                (extent[5] - extent[4] + 1));
>     scalars->SetNumberOfTuples((long)(extent[1] - extent[0] + 1)*
>                                (long)(extent[3] - extent[2] + 1)*
>                                (long)(extent[5] - extent[4] + 1));

If that fixes it, then I'm guessing that on your system int and long are
a different size.  Probably Linux or Mac OS X?

You seem to have found a genuine overflow, but casting to long is not
the best fix, since in an LLP64 system both are 32 bit.

>the file is read fine now, but paraview does not display
>any points. On the other hand arrays of 400x400x400
>are displayed perfectly. Maybe there are more such bugs
>in paraview components. At least the above bug is still
>present in current CVS VTK tree.
>Any idea how to debug this situation and fix it completely
>is appreciated.

I have looked briefly at the state of VTK wrt 64 bit, and in my opinion
there is a lot of work to be done.  How to fix it completely?  I don't
know how much kitware has investigated the whole thing, but maybe
something should be started here:


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