[Paraview] [PV 3.0.2] Error loading parallel data

Renato N. Elias rnelias at nacad.ufrj.br
Fri Jul 27 14:38:31 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I've got the following error message after trying to load a parallel data in
a client-server configuration (reverse connection mode).

line 974
vtkPVDataInformation (085EF4D8): Error parsing bounds.

I thought this problem were due to the data format I used (Ensight
server-of-server) but I also tried with a pvd file created using PV-2.2.1
running in parallel. Am I doing anything wrong or such feature is still
being developed in PV 3.0.2?

Further details about my try:

-- pvserver 3.0.2 compiled in a SGI Altix system with shared library and
mesa library version 6.2.1;
-- cmake 2.4.7;
-- pvclient 3.0.2 official binary distribution;
-- Client to server conection working fine (at least, I guess so since I can
list my remote home after connected).


Renato N. Elias
PhD student (http://www.nacad.ufrj.br/~rnelias)
High Performance Computing Center (NACAD) Federal University of Rio de
Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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