[Paraview] exodus reader troubles

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Tue Jul 17 14:17:31 EDT 2007

Congratulations!  You found a bug in ParaView.  It has probably been
there a while, but nobody has been able to find it until now.

It looks like the problem is not with the exodus reader but with the LOD
mechanism.  When ParaView tries to decimate the geometry, and the
geometry only has vertices, it crashes.  You should be able to prevent
this by disabling the LOD.  Uncheck the box next to "LOD Threshold" (in
"3D View Properties" for ParaView 2.X and in the Settings dialog box for
ParaView 3.X).  That should prevent the problem from happening.

Development for ParaView 2 is dead, so I don't expect the problem to be
fixed there.  I registered a bug for ParaView 3.



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> Subject: [Paraview] exodus reader troubles
> two things:
> in paraview 2.6.2, the exodus reader reads my data file just fine and
> used it to great success.
> however, i've been recently asked to do something with the node sets
> are
> part of the exodus data.
> it seems to read them in okay; but as soon as i try to change the view
> the
> camera (i.e. the scene is re-rendered) it crashes paraview. i get an
> about an array type mis-match.
> i recall that there was some 'play' about the exodus reader a while
> but
> i can't find it in the archives.
> question 2:
> paraview 3 won't even read my exodus files that paraview 2.6.2 reads
> i've tried the released pv3 and a cvs build we did a few weeks ago.
> not much to go on; i don't get much feedback from pv3.
> anyone have any ideas?
> thanks.
> -m
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