[Paraview] exodus reader troubles

Thompson, David C dcthomp at sandia.gov
Tue Jul 17 13:36:41 EDT 2007

Mike Stephens wrote:
> two things:
> in paraview 2.6.2, the exodus reader reads
> my data file just fine and i've used it to
> great success. however, i've been recently
> asked to do something with the node sets that
> are part of the exodus data.
> it seems to read them in okay; but as soon as
> i try to change the view of the camera (i.e.
> the scene is re-rendered) it crashes paraview.
> i get an error about an array type mis-match.

Can you please send the exact error message?

> question 2:
> paraview 3 won't even read my exodus files
> that paraview 2.6.2 reads fine.

Can you provide an example file?

> i've tried the released pv3 and a cvs build
> we did a few weeks ago. not much to go on;
> i don't get much feedback from pv3.

What does that mean? Does PV3 crash? Does it
just show an empty screen? Print an error

> anyone have any ideas?

Without more specific error messages or a way
to replicate your problems, there's not much
to try. One thing you can do is renamed your
ExodusII files so that they end in ".exii" (instead
of ".exo", ".g", ...). If you read in files
with this different extension, a different Exodus
reader will be used -- one under development
to support new features.

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