[Paraview] Animation / Loading of different files

Kent Eschenberg eschenbe at psc.edu
Tue Jul 17 11:57:51 EDT 2007

One quick and dirty workaround: create a PVD file that points to the vtu files. 
I think I remember Kitware saying that what you want to do won't make it into 
the 3.* version for a while.

Pittburgh Supercomputing Center

Olaf Schenk wrote:
> Hi,
> We are using the current development distribution of Paraview and we 
> would like to animate a transient simulation that is is stored in the 
> following files: 0000xxx-solution.vtu  [with xxx starting from zero to 
> 200].
> Unfortunately, we can not find a mode so that the Paraview3 
> automatically identifies that this is a transient simulation and 
> automatically load the solution files when creating an animation. This 
> option was part of the 2.6 version ....

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