[Paraview] Re: Reader with Multiple Outputs

Stephane PLOIX stephane.ploix at edf.fr
Wed Jan 31 03:56:57 EST 2007


I would like to add another use for multiple outputs : 
3. a reader wich can read files with a variable number of geometries.
There are then multiple outputs, but they are not subsets of a whole, 
and should be shown as seperate objects.

Will ParaView support this kind of reader?


>I think there are 2 major uses of multiple outputs:
>1. Fixed number of outputs, each output with a specific purpose. For
>example, a filter that clips a dataset producing inside as 1 output
>and outside as another. This is best implemented as a multiple output
>2. Variable number of outputs, each of a subset of a whole. This is
>what multi-group (multi-block or AMR) is designed for. This is best
>implemented as a 1 output reader/filter that produces multi-group.
>ParaVIew supports 2. It does not support 1 well.
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