[Paraview] Error: Transparent objects actually solid?

fred fredmfp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 17:35:43 EST 2007

fred a écrit :
> Scott, W Alan a écrit :
>> This is expected behavior in ParaView 2.6.  It is because we are 
>> z-buffer depth sorting.  The correct thing to do is to draw all items 
>> in the order of back to front.  This code that implements this is 
>> currently expected to be in ParaView 2.6.1, which should be out in a 
>> month or so.
> And for paraview3 ?
Should it be related to a somewhat similar issue, answered by B. Geveci,
on 22.11.2006 (thread "Transparent Surfaces Mottled") ?

In fact, it seems that this issue is not specific to paraview, but to VTK,
because others viewers using VTK have the same issue. Right ?



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