[Paraview] pv 2.6.0: LOD in client server mode

joseph insley insley at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 28 15:29:34 EST 2007

When I run ParaView 2.6.0 in pvclient/pvserver mode the LOD doesn't  
seem to kick in until I change the LOD value.  Each time a load a new  
data set, or apply a filter to one that is already loaded, it doesn't  
automatically switch into LOD mode while interacting.  Once I change  
the LOD value I start getting decimated geometry, and it works as  
expected, but it initially always does full-res rendering.  This is  
true even if the LOD value is set to a low value before the data is  
loaded; it does full-res rendering.  When I then increase the LOD  
value the decimated geometry is calculated and displayed while  
interacting.  I don't see this behavior using the standalone paraview  
application, only in pvclient/pvserver mode.

Has anyone else run into this problem?


joseph a. insley                                                       
insley at mcs.anl.gov
mathematics & computer science division       (630) 252-5649
argonne national laboratory                               (630)  
252-5986 (fax)

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