[Paraview] LOOKUP_TABLE: Transparency problem

William Hunter willemjagter at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 07:36:25 EST 2007


I have a simple VTK legacy file which contains one voxel of type 11 (it's a
cube). I have defined my own lookup table, and specified the rgba (0.0 0.0
1.0 0.5) values. When I view this in the latest ParaView (Linux), it seems
as though the transparency only works form one side of the voxel, three
adjacent faces of the voxel remain opaque, I cannot see through them.

If I define a cube source, and set the opacity inside ParaView, I get the
expected behaviour, i.e., the whole cube is transparent.

Is this related to the lookup table, or is it a ParaView setting? I'm not
attaching pic's as they'll probably get scrubbed.
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