[Paraview] HDF Compile Error

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Thu Feb 1 13:53:13 EST 2007

First of all, that's a warning, not an error.  It should not be
preventing HDF from compiling.  Unless you are an HDF developer or the
HDF library is giving you runtime problems, I would ignore it.

Now here is the explanation.  The warning is telling you that the
"INTERNAL ERROR" && 0 always evaluates to 0.  This is often indicative
of a bug, since if the programmer wanted to use 0, he or she would
usually just type 0.  Instead, the programmer may have made a mistake in
typing in the expression.

In this case, the actual code is correct.  The programmer is clearly
forcing assert to abort the program by passing an expression that
evaluates to 0.  However, assert is a special case macro that also
captures the format of the expression before evaluation and report that
before aborting the program.  The programmer wants to have assert report
"INTERNAL ERROR" rather than just 0.


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> Does anyone understand this error?
> ======
> Utilities/hdf5/H5detect.c(758): warning #279: controlling expression
> constant
> assert("INTERNAL ERROR" && 0);
> ^
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> Details:
> Redhat Enterprise Linux WS release 4
> Intel Xeon 64-bit processors
> Intel compiler 9.1.046
> ParaView 2.4.4
> Compiling a serial version of ParaView
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