[Paraview] 3.2.1 Server Crashes When Select COR

Kent Eschenberg eschenbe at psc.edu
Mon Dec 3 12:20:07 EST 2007

When operating in client-server mode, and the server is rendering, the server 
crashes when I try to set the center-of-rotation. This does not occur when 
rendering on the client.

To reproduce the problem I load a vtu file and display its outer surface.
When I try to set the center-of-rotation to a point on the surface the server 

Select cells and cells/through works whether the client or the server is 
rendering. Selecting points fails no matter who is rendering with the message

In /usr/local/packages/paraview/3.2/src/VTK/Rendering/vtkLabeledDataMapper.cxx, 
line 289
vtkLabeledDataMapper (0x15619c20): Need input data to render labels (3)

The server includes the patch by Ken Moorland concerning the way the clip 
planes are set.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

=========  Client

Fedora Core 6
g++ 4.1.2
cmake 2.4.6
Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 driver 100.14.11
ParaView 3.2.1 compiled from source

=========  Server

CentOS release 5
g++ 4.1.1
cmake 2.4.6
Mesa 7.0.1
ParaView 3.2.1 compiled from source

$ pvserver -rc --client-host=harpo.psc.edu --use-offscreen-rendering

Connected to client
/usr/local/packages/paraview/3.2/src/Servers/Common/vtkProcessModule.cxx, line 1001
vtkProcessModule (0x10954530): Object type: vtkPVDesktopDeliveryServer, could
not find requested method: "SetCaptureZBuffer"
or the method was called with incorrect arguments.

while processing
Message 0 = Invoke
    Argument 0 = id_value {102}
    Argument 1 = string_value {SetCaptureZBuffer}
    Argument 2 = int32_value {1}

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