[Paraview] clipping cylinders...

fred fredmfp at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 17:58:14 EDT 2007

Moreland, Kenneth a écrit :
>> If I understand the first point,
>> I can't get the second.
> Short answer: you can fix the shading by running the result through the
> Normals Generation filter (although you first have to convert from
> unstructured grid back to polygon data with the Extract Surface filter).
> A quicker way is to go to the display panel and change the Interpolation
> to Flat, although this will also make the smooth surfaces look faceted.
>> BTW, how can I cut two cylinders at mid-height by one horizontal plane
> ?
>> Due to an issue already seen here (related to color lost with clip
>> filter for instance),
>> I guess it is not possible to cut two cylinders which have two
> different
>> colors, right ?
> The ability to color different parts of a group with different colors is
> something we are working on, but it will be a little while.  That
> feature will be in ParaView 3.4 at the earliest.  If you want to, you
> can use the Extract Group filter to pull back out the cylinders of the
> clipped group one at a time.
> Another solution is to add the clip filter separately to the two
> cylinders and then link the plane of the two clip filters (Tools ->
> Manage Links), although that is probably not exactly what you are
> looking for, either.


BTW, how do you explain the horizontal cylinder in the snapshot (a.png)
I have previously sent ?
All "eyes" are disabled, though.


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