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Thanks Renato.
My method, written in C++ language, saves pressure, component1 of
velocity, component2 of velocity as scalars, everything as scalars.
Later, I can use the filter "Calculator" in order to create de vector of

Another problem I have is that when I try to show its streamlines only
small pieces of them appear on the display area, but not all its paths. I
have put that its Integration Direction is both but I don't know how to do
in order to obtain the entire streamlines.

Thanks in advence and thanks for the link

> It seems that your program is saving only the velocity magnitude instead
> of
> the velocity vector components. Can you check it? Otherwise it may be only
> a
> simple error when writing the VTK file. I have posted a very simple
> Fortran
> program which writes VTK files, legacy and XML as well, with the same
> variables that you use (pressure scalar and velocity vector). You can take
> a
> look here
> Cheers
> Renato N. Elias
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> High Performance Computing Center (NACAD)
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> Hi everybody!
> I am starting to use ParaView skill in order to see my results.
> As an output of my code I obtain a file with extension ".vtk", I have a
> velocity field and a pressure field. I can open it without any problems,
> but
> when I want to see vector plots, this is impossible because in the "vtk
> file", each variable is declared as scalars. I don't know what exactly I
> have to do, any help will be welcome.
> Thanks in advance
> Isi
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