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Renato N. Elias rnelias at
Fri Apr 13 20:04:28 EDT 2007

First of all I'd like to thank Fred, Kent and Bruno for the help...

I've finally got something working here... Fortran, Binary and VTK
(unfortunately only the Legacy format...)

I left a very simple Fortran90 program available in . Please, if you
find what's wrong with the XML version contact me.

Now, I have another very silly doubt regarding the Legacy format:

-- What is a "partitioned VTK Legacy" file? Would it be a simple VTK Legacy
file with *.pvtk extension?! 

BTW, I can't understand why there is a bunch of different file extensions
for those XML/VTK based files... if they are all XML files why they should
be distinguished by their extension and not by a simple XML tag?!

Renato N. Elias
PhD student -
High Performance Computing Center (NACAD)
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

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Renato N. Elias a écrit :
> Fred wrote: You also have ASCII and binary (not base64) formats.
> I've reread and found this information hidden in the VTK file format's
> guide. A footnote in page 12 which says:
> "* There is one case in which the file is not a valid XML document. ***
> the AppendedData section is not encoded as base64,
> raw binary data *** is present that may violate the XML specification.
> is not default behavior, and must be explicitly enabled
> by the user."
Yes, I know this, but not a problem for me.
By the way, XML base64 files size are little bigger than binary.
> However, there is no further information regarding such form of writing
> binary data in "XML files" for VTK and PV. I'll try to write a file with
> binary data in the AppendedData section to see what happen.
I began to write my C code to write legacy VTK files, which does not 
require any VTK libs.
Then, I added a few routines, which do use VTK libs, to write my files 
in XML.
But once again, only in C.
But if it can help...


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