[Paraview] using partitioned legacy vtk format

Shimon Asida sasida at phys.huji.ac.il
Mon Sep 11 11:36:33 EDT 2006


Thanks for the help. However, each of my "parts" is presented by
"legacy" VTK format file (i.e. it's a *.vtk file). When I tried to
change your metafile and specify my vtk files as the "parts", paraview
was not able to read the files (eventhogh I was able to view each of the
vtk files by  paraview when I read it directly as a stand alone file). 
I would apreciate if you or anyone else could help me using these
"legacy" vtk files as parts of a metafile.
Thanks again,


Dr. Shimon Asida
Racah Ins. of Physics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

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For me (in Version 2.4.4) the *.pvd "mother" or meta- file does what you

are asking. I have attached an example file called fmavto.pvd. Please 
note that ParaView (and the *.pvd reader) expects each of your 'zones' 
to be a displayable object, that is, you should be able to read each 
zone file and post process the file as a distinct, complete graphics 
data set. The *.pvd reader is time step aware and part-number/name aware

(use the Extract Dataset filter to work with 1, 2, or many zones as a 
Note: The name attribute is undocumented but works (very well);  it is 
your chance to give each part (or in your terminology 'zone') a useful 
name rather than a number. Look for the name in the Extract Datasets 
face-sheet (left panel).

Samuel Key

Shimon Asida wrote:
> I'm looking for an example in which the zones information is divided
> into several legacy VTK files, i.e. I have a set of VTK files that
> represent the system at single time, and I would like to know how to
> visualize these files with Paraview
> Thanks,
> Shimon
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> Racah Ins. of Physics
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