[Paraview] Reading .cube Files

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 09:44:08 EDT 2006

So, I am guessing one _always_ extracts one of the outputs and then apply a
filter. Does it make sense to apply the same filter to both outputs?

I am trying to figure out whether the output of this reader should
multi-block. It sounds like it should not. It sounds like the two outputs
have different purposes and should remain separate.

Currently, paraview only handles multi-block datasets. There was code in
paraview 2.4 and previous that treated multiple outputs as multi-block. This
was a placeholder we implemented until we had proper multi-block support.
Now that the multi-block support is mature, I yanked that functionality. The
side effect of this yanking is that it is no longer possible to separate the
outputs of readers like this. However, I believe that paraview should start
treating multiple output differently. For example, it should show both
outputs as different ports you can attach filters to. Or when the user
applies a filter to this reader, it should bring a dialog asking which
output they want to attach the filter  to. Supporting this would require
changing both the server manager and the GUI code but I believe it is right
thing to do. Any thoughts?


On 9/7/06, Jean Favre <jfavre at cscs.ch> wrote:
> On Sep 06, 2006 02:43 PM, Berk Geveci wrote:
> >Ah. I am glad you mentioned that :-) I will add it to the list of
> >readers to
> >update. Is it multi-block or do the outputs have different meanings?
> >
> first port holds the Polydata (mollecule with VERTEX and LINES)
> 2nd port holds the Structuredgrid (ImageData)
> Jean
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