[Paraview] Quantitative analysis in Paraview III and XY plot

François Beaubert francois.beaubert at univ-valenciennes.fr
Fri Oct 6 04:07:40 EDT 2006

Hi all,

In the annoucement of Paraview III, one of the goal of this release will be an 
emphasis on quantitative analysis.

I have a few questions on XY plot and perhaps may suggest some wishes.
Is there any plans to develop an XY plot module that can support the following 
features and in particular precise control of graph features such as:

* major and minor thichmarks (in/out, thickness, length, etc )
* grid control of the plot (dot, line, thickness)
* customizable colors
* different dashed line styles
* different fill patterns
* different marker symbols with different Color/fill markers
* text annotations with subscripts, superscripts and symbols or LaTeX and 
richtext label support
* legends of the graphs
* curve Fitting
* data set operations: evaluating expressions and direct editing of data
* free or pan zooming, masking of data points and marker
* every object can be dragged by mouse

Whaou, the new Qt interface is a dream !
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