[Paraview] Problem to build PV with CMAKE 2.4.3 + Visual Studio 2005

William A. Hoffman billlist at nycap.rr.com
Mon Oct 2 12:10:56 EDT 2006

Can you run cmake from the command line like this:

cd binaryDirectory
cmake  --debug-trycompile ../path/to/Paraview/Source

Then winzip the binaryDirectory and send it to me?



At 11:49 AM 10/2/2006, Renato N. Elias wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I've been getting the following error screen
>http://www.nacad.ufrj.br/~rnelias/paraview/cmake-problem.JPG when trying to
>configure PV 2.2.1 with CMAKE 2.4.3 + Visual Studio 2005. Does anybody know
>what is wrong? 
>Renato N. Elias
>PhD student - http://www.nacad.ufrj.br/~rnelias
>High Performance Computing Center
>Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>+55(21) 2562-8080 
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