[Paraview] Problem with big files

Christoph Moder mail at christoph-moder.de
Wed Mar 29 17:34:46 EST 2006

> Is this a  unix-like machine of some sort? I see the /home path at

Yes, a Debian Linux PC.

> least.  If it's a 32bit processor you could be bumping up against the
> address space limit. Did you compile with 64bit IDs? If not you could be
> hitting the limit of the VTK id type.

Good point. I have recompiled it with support for 64 bit IDs, but it 
does not help.

> Keep in mind many parts of the pipeline might need a chunk of memory as
> big as the input.

Ok, I was not aware of this.

But now I have just been trying to load the files, without any filters 

> I've found it really helps to use the streaming abilities of VTK LONG
> before you bump into these limits.

What does that mean? I don't understand... what is VTK LONG?


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