[Fwd: [Paraview] VTK_WRAP_ClientServer SYNTAX_ERROR]

Randy Hudson hudson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 24 12:22:47 EST 2006

I've been wrestling a "syntax error", too (see Diego Mazala's note, below).

I'm building paraview 2.4.2 with three readers of my own (a new one, and 
two that have worked for some time with various releases of paraview).

Here's the message about the syntax error that was issued when my 
paraview build failed in a step where my reader's header is being used 
to create vtkFlashHDF5PolyDataReaderClientServer.cxx:

    Building Custom command
    Software/ParaView.2.4.2/src_visprep/VTK/Wrapping/hints 1

    *** SYNTAX ERROR found in parsing the header file
    before line 90 ***

Here's a small piece of the offensive header, ending in the line 90 
mentioned in the error message:

    void Init();
    bool OpenFile(char *datafile);
    void CloseFile();
    bool LoadData();
    bool AddParticles(int varNum);
    int lo_particle_idx, hi_particle_idx, num_particles;

I finally determined that vtkWrapClientServer doesn't like the last 
line.  When I put lo_particle_idx, hi_particle_idx and num_particles on 
separate lines, everything was hunky-dory.

Diego Mazala wrote:
> Hi
> I need to add a new source into paraview. However, I found a problem.
> I can add a new source into ParaView when the class that describes 
> this source has a name initialized by vtk.
> However, if I want to put other prefix, an error is reported.
> The cmake command run without problens. When I rum make comand, the 
> follow erro is reported:
> Generating hmMyClassClientServer.cxx
> syntax error
> *** SYNTAX ERROR found in parsing the header file 
> /home/usuario/workspace/HeMoLab/src/common/hmMyClass.h before line 20 ***
> make[2]: *** [hmMyClassClientServer.cxx] Error 1
> make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/hmCommon.dir/all] Error 2
> make: *** [all] Error 2
> Can I implement classes without prefix "vtk" ?
> Where do I change?
> Thank's
> -- 
> Diego Mazala

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