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Berk Geveci berk.geveci at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 15:30:58 EST 2006

Hmmm. Blanking support was added to VTK and ParaView a while ago but
it is not fully implemented yet. I believe blanking arrays in plot3d
files are read for example. It also works with AMR in certain cases. I
think the blanking support will get better as we get feature requests
and use cases from users.


On 3/21/06, Kent Eschenberg <eschenbe at psc.edu> wrote:
> --On March 21, 2006 03:17:10 PM  <berk.geveci at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Another problem could be that the data is taken as a structured grid in
> >> ensight and an unstructured grid in paraview.
> > This would make a huge difference both in file size (i.e. I/O time),
> > memory usage and performance.
> I know of at least one case where the data was converted from structured to
> unstructured for one reason: some cells in the structured array were
> unused. They could be flagged as such in OpenDX and Ensight but there
> didn't seem to be a way to do this with VTK/ParaView. Any ideas on how to
> so flag a cell in a structured array?
> Kent
> Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
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