[Paraview] New Data Analysis filters in ParaView.

Utkarsh Ayachit utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com
Wed Mar 1 11:11:30 EST 2006


We've added a new "Data Analysis" filter to ParaView. This can be
treated as a filter combining both, Pick and Probe filters currently in
ParaView. Here's a brief description of this filter.

"Query Method" controls the behavior of this filter. Following are the
* Point :-- output is point data interpolated at the choosen world point.
* Cell  :-- output is cell data of the cell nearest to the choosen world
* Line  :-- output is point data interpolated along the sample points on
the line.
* Cell Id :-- output is cell data for the cell with the given Id.
* Point Id :-- output is point data for the point with the given Id.

When this filter is connected to a pipeline with a reader with time
support, "Temporal plotting" GUI is shown. Unlike with Pick/Probe where
one has to explicitly play the animation to generate plot over time;
with the Data Analysis filter, one can generate the plot over time by
simply clicking the "Generate" button in the "Temporal Parameters"
frame. One can also change the time steps for which the plot is
generated. To freeze the generated temporal plot for changes to the
pipeline, simply enable the "Lock" check mark. Not that the lock is
cleared when one changes the "Query Method".

It's also possible to change the properties of the plot such as titles,
title positions, number of labels, label formats, 'minor' tick marks etc.

Additionally, now one can change the colors assigned to the curves for
each array.


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