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Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Fri Jun 30 08:27:21 EDT 2006

Dear ParaView users and developers,

The ParaView 2.4.4 patch release is now available for download from the 
ParaView web site: http://www.paraview.org/HTML/Download.html. There are 
several changes (listed below) included in this release.

*changes from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4:*
1)   Options in .pvx files that were not inside Process tags were being 
2)   The input menu was choosing the first source it encountered as the 
default (if it was not told to use the current source). However, it was 
not checking if this source was a valid input.
3)   The XML parser was not allowing having any input together with a 
multiple-connection input. Although sources cannot have more than one 
multiple-connection input, they can have one multiple-connection input 
and one or more one-connection inputs.
4)   ParaView builds with mangled mesa support.
5)   The Threshold filter is available if any single-component arrays 
are found, regardless of whether they are point- or cell-centered.
6)   Fix problems compiling with development CMake and Tcl 8.4.5.
7)   Correcting a typo in GUI/Client/Resources/Filters.xml (proeprty -> 
property in MaskPoint's Offset thumbwheel).
8)   Detect server death (due to out-of-memory or any other problem) and 
report on the client. Client gives user an option to save state/trace 
before client terminates.
9)   Added new command-line option --server-time (-st) which can be used 
to indicate the maximum duration of the server connection. The client 
will pop-up warnings 5 minutes and 1 minutes before the time expires.
10) Add support for 64-bit file systems -- enable ParaView to stat a 
file larger than 2 GB.
11) Display polygons/second in the render window and display the number 
of polygons per source on the Information tab. This only works for 
polygonal data.
12) Set the default composite threshold to 1 MB.

*changes from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3:
*1)   Progress was added to the Extract Group and Extract CTH Parts filters.
2)   An option was added to SpyPlot reader to load active block array.
3)   Extract Grid, Probe, and Generic Stream Tracer should accept input 
from filters.
4)   Update Exodus reader to look for new metadata filename.
5)   Fix rendering problem on Macs that don't support alpha bit-planes.  
(bug #2704)
6)   Give more error messages than "out of disk space" when saving an 
7)   Add support for writing AVIs on unix.
8)   Improvements to FFMPEG installation.
9)   In vtkExodusReader, do not add internalNodeId array to output.
10) Fix problem where VTK_HAVE_GETSOCKNAME_WITH_SOCKLEN_T was not being 
set correctly, causing VTK/Parallel/vtkSocketCommunicator.cxx to not 
compile on platforms where this variable should have been set to 1.  (It 
defaulted to 0.)
11) Fix bug where the server did not disable compositing even if a 
display was not accessible when using Mesa (onscreen).
12) Add support to vtkSpyPlotReader for SPCTH 102.  Remove forced 
dependency on controller.  Start adding some profiling code.
13) Session state was being save wrong in client/server mode.  (bug #2655)
14) Addition of new plotting functionality: Data Analysis filter.  (bug 
#2545)  Add a new toolbar icon for this new filter.
15) Fix a bug in vtkClientServerStream that resulted in dereferencing an 
end iterator.
16) Get ParaView building on AIX.

*changes from 2.4.1 to 2.4.2:
*1)   Sub-classes of vtkCommandOptions should be able to override which 
XML parser is created.
2)   ParaView was hanging in cave mode if more than two displays were used.
3)   The per-machine environment variables (from .pvx file) were all 
being set on the first process.
4)   In vtkExtractCTHPart, pass the volume fraction data to all 
extracted parts.
5)   ParaView was running out of memory when saving an animation in an 
MP2 file. (bug #2557)
6)   Change the default frame rate for movie files from 15 to 1. (bug #2557)
7)   When writing out VTK XML files, leave enough whitespace to fill in 
range of a data array. (bug #2561)
8)   Fixed memory leak that occurs when switching between onscreen and 
offscreen rendering on unix.
9)   Free memory as each frame of an MP2 is written.
10) --render-module command-line argument should work with the paraview 
executable (not just pvclient, pvserver, and pvrenderserver).
11) Commented out the Integrate Attributes filter (in 
GUI/Client/Resources/Filters.xml) because it easily crashes ParaView.
12) Print an error message when a reader module used by an entry in the 
recent-file menu cannot be created (i.e., when the file requires an 
external reader module that hasn't been loaded).
13) Extract CTH Parts filter should report an error instead of crashing 
if no arrays are chosen. (bug #2589)
14) In tiled display mode with IceT, if the bounds of the data set 
extend from the visible region to behind the viewpoint in perspective 
projection, then certain tiles would stop rendering the data. (bug #2579)
15) Extract CTH Parts filter was crashing; if no geometry is extracted 
do not try to process it. (bug #2650)
16) Caching of geometry during animation was broken.

*changes from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1:
*1)   In the Extract Surface filter, Piece Invariant should default to 
ON. (bug #2425)
2)   bug fixes to parallel unstructured volume rendering
3)   With CMake 2.2, do not rebuild all of ParaView when you change 
whether an external module is included.
4)   Fix building of ParaView on Red Hat Fedora core 4.
5)   In the Exodus reader, the Internal NodeId array has the same number 
of nodes as the output unstructured grid, not the input file.
6)   When you play an animation and return to a source that should be 
delete-able, the Delete button is now enabled. (Previously it was 
disabled even though it should have been active.)
7)   Data distribution issues when loading EnSight .case files 
containing vtkImageData (uniform rectilinear data) in parallel have been 
8)   In the .pvx configuration file, the XML arguments that are for all 
processes are now being recognized.
9)   The extract groups widget (used by the Extract Groups filter) now 
gets the correct initial range.
10)  The demo runs (finds the correct path) in installed versions of 
11)  Make the Xdmf writer handle pixels and voxels correctly. (Write 
them out with the same point ordering as is used for quads and hexahedra.)
12)  Properly handle cancelling out of reading an Xdmf file.

We hope you enjoy this new release of ParaView.

- Amy
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