[Paraview] Re: [KWWidgets] How do I make a widget disappear?

Peter F Bradshaw pfb at exadios.com
Fri Jun 2 06:52:11 EDT 2006


Coincidentally we were discussing this issue on this list (KWWidgets)
on about Apr / 20 / 2006. Unfortunately April has not been archived on
the KWWidgets site.

You need to execute a Tcl 'pack forget' on the widget. For some sample
code see:


Look at ssMultibeamLWWindow::UnputOptionsDisplay() which is near the

BTW the 'pack forget' will cause the widget to immediately disappear
from the GUI. There is no need to Delete() the underlying widget. So it
is possible to maintain the widget's current state. You can redisplay
the widget with a Tcl 'pack' at a later time with its current state

On Thu, 1 Jun 2006 beth at portugalmail.pt wrote:

> Hi,
> I created a panel, then I attached to it a vtkKWColumnList.
> Well, I want to make it disappear after the user has pressed a button.
> How I do this?
> I deleted the vtkKWColumnList pointer object and then called the panel Update
> method, however, it is still there!!! (useless, but still there...).
> Thanks for any help...
> Best regards,


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