[Paraview] Point Cloud in Ensight Case Format

Holger Bauer paraview at lampoldshausen.de
Mon Jan 16 11:30:14 EST 2006

update on this:

a) I have sent a small example file set to Kitware for debugging the import.
b) I have extended a small xyz2vtk Konverter tool written in Python which I have
found somehwere on this list to convert the .CASE ensight file(s) to a single
.vtk file not taking any cell data into account. This means only the point
clouds and associated scalars are converted to a UNSTRUCTURED GRID VTK data

The converted .vtk file just reads and displays the values fine (means taking
colors for the scalar values).

All other suggestions (including point to cell data converter within Paraview)
have failed.

Thanks for your help though.

- Holger -

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