[Paraview] Installation problem

Kevin H. Hobbs kevin.hobbs.1 at ohiou.edu
Mon Sep 26 09:53:40 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 12:41 +0000, Zafer Leylek wrote:
> I have been trying to install paraview 2.2.1 using the source code on Fedora 
> 4. I keep on getting the following error message:
> /home/zafer/software/Paraview/paraview-2.2.1/Servers/ServerManager/vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy.h:50: 
> error: vtkSMSourceProxy has not been declared
> /home/zafer/software/Paraview/paraview-2.2.1/Servers/ServerManager/vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy.cxx:125: 
> error: prototype for void 
> vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy::AddInput(vtkSMSourceProxy*, const char*, int, int) 
> does not match any in class vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy
> /home/zafer/software/Paraview/paraview-2.2.1/Servers/ServerManager/vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy.h:50: 
> error: candidate is: void vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy::AddInput(int*, const 
> char*, int, int)
> make[5]: *** [vtkSMXYPlotDisplayProxy.o] Error 1
> make[4]: *** [default_target] Error 2
> make[3]: *** [default_target_ServerManager] Error 2
> make[2]: *** [default_target] Error 2
> make[1]: *** [default_target_Servers] Error 2
> make: *** [default_target] Error 2
> Can someone help me with this?
> Thanks

I saw something like this ...
and here:

The solution was to update my cvs checkout and install from that. I have
only ever installed from cvs so I don't really know when the 2.2 branch
was, but I think it was before any of the gcc 4 stuff showed up.

I was also able to get things to compile by adding the headers gcc seems
to be complaining about.  This was just a hack from a non C++ guy
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