[Paraview] Bug with tube filter

Thierry Dubuis tdubuis at scconsultants.com
Mon Oct 3 04:16:02 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I have a problem in Paraview 2.2.1 on PC with windows XP SP2. (I reproduce the problem on the previous versions)
I load a vtk file.
I select glyph filter, I choose glyph option : line0
On the glyph I apply tube filter and I have an error :
"There was a VTK Error in file : C:\devel\paraview_2.2.1\Paraview\VTK\Filtering\vtkPolyLine.cxx (102)"
"Coincident points in polyline .. can't compute normals"
"There was a VTK Warning in file : C:\devel\paraview_2.2.1\Paraview\VTK\Graphics\vtkTubeFilter.cxx (217)"
"Could not generate normals for line. Skipping to next"
These four lines are repeated with beep until I reboot my PC.

This problem comes on all vtk files I try.

Thank for your support

Best regards, 
Thierry Dubuis
Sciences & Computer Consultants
Tel Dir  : 04 77 49 75 84
Tel Std : 04 77 49 75 80
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