[Paraview] Animation crashes

Mary Muir mmuir at sjgeophysics.com
Mon Nov 7 19:31:28 EST 2005

I have been trying to use paraview to animate 3d Resistivity models.

Loading a rectilinear grid (vtk datafile version 2.0), then using threshold
to view at various threshold levels. The setting of keyframes after either
rotating the data or changing the threshold values work. The problem comes,
when I try to do the following:
1) change the number of frames from 10 to anywhere between 40 and 100.
2) trying to save the animation in the jpeg, avi or mpeg2 format.

Sometimes the first will work but not always. I have rarely managed to
produce an animation file.  It will use lots of memory and then crash. The
machine is 2.61 Ghz Athlon 64 Fx-55 with 3.25 GB of Ram.

Thanks in advance
Mary Muir

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