[Paraview] Names in *.pvd file

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Mon Jun 13 09:30:27 EDT 2005

Hi Henry,

I don't know exactly why the Extract Parts menu is grayed out, but I have 
attached a sample .pvd file that does make the listed names appear when you 
apply an Extract Parts filter.  Maybe you can determine what difference 
between this file and yours is causing the problem.

- Amy

At 09:05 AM 6/13/2005, Karpf, Henry J wrote:
>I add the name="whatever" tag in my .pvd file, however, my 'Extract
>Parts' menu is greyed out and cannot be selected. Why would that be?
>--Henry Karpf
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>Henry, et al;
>Attached is a sample *.pvd file that uses the name="abc...xyz" feature
>for the xml Collection tag. The big plus to this feature is that when
>name="..." is present, the designated name string shows up in the
>Extract Parts face sheet selection-box!!!
>Sam Key
>PS Thanks to Brad King for the feature! Now, if the animation could just
>see beyond the 1st  part="..." listed, we'd have a first class way to
>turn domains on and off for animation like we can do now for the static
>visualization. :=)  (I believe this shortcoming in animation has been
>reported to the bug list a couple of times.)
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>Subject: [Paraview] Names in *.pvd file
>I want to be able to name each timestep of my *.pvd file, sort of
>Brad King wrote:
> > SamuelKey wrote:
> >> I have the following question: Is there a name-feature in the *.pvd
> >> file whereby I can assign a descriptive string to each part that will
> >> then show in the face-sheet for the "Extract Parts" filter?
> >> Something like:  name="Traction BC"
> > The feature is not currently present and I think it is actually
> > non-trivial to add.
>Upon further investigation I discovered that the support was already
>there for the EnSight reader, so adding it to the XMLCollecitonReader
>was trivial.  It is present as of revision 1.10 of
>vtkXMLCollectionReader.cxx in the CVS version of ParaView.
>I cannot figure out how to add this to my xml file.  Could someone
>please provide an example? Thank you -Henry Karpf
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<VTKFile type="Collection" version="0.1" byte_order="LittleEndian" compressor="vtkZLibDataCompressor">
    <DataSet part="0" name="foo1" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_0.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="1" name="foo2" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_1.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="2" name="foo3" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_2.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="3" name="foo4" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_3.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="4" name="foo5" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_4.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="5" name="foo6" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_5.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="6" name="foo7" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_6.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="7" name="foo8" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_7.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="8" name="foo9" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_8.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="9" name="foo10" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_9.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="10" name="foo11" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_10.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="11" name="foo12" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_11.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="12" name="foo13" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_12.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="13" name="foo14" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_13.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="14" name="foo15" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_14.vti"/>
    <DataSet part="15" name="foo16" file="chombo3d/chombo3d_15.vti"/>

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