[Paraview] Problem running Parrallel ParaView

Jan Linnenkohl linnenkohl at slf.ch
Fri Jun 3 09:51:32 EDT 2005


I got a problem to get ParaView running on three linux computer.
So that my documentation only covers 1.8 and I want to use 2.01, I need
some help.
I thought about to have one client (I) and two server (II + III).

I started on III the server: ./pvserver

I started on II on another server: ./pvserver -m=machines.txt
With the following file machines.txt:

	node 0 computerIII

I tried also:

	node 0 computerII
	node 1 computerIII

I start the client on I: ./pvclient --data-server-host=computerII

The client I connects to II, but III is still only listening.

What do I wrong?



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