[Paraview] paraview - releases from 07/07 and 07/11 - are they broken?

Randy Hudson hudson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jul 12 12:17:08 EDT 2005

BTW, there is now a #ParaViewlmk# file....

At 7/12/2005 11:04 AM, Amy Squillacote wrote:
>At 11:49 AM 7/12/2005, you wrote:
>>Same error, same place.
>>BTW, FWIW, the error report that I can send to Microsoft if I want says the error occirs in vtkio.dll.
>Yes, because vtkXMLDataElement is in ParaView/VTK/IO.
>There was a typo in the line I asked you to add to your #LookmarkMacros# file.  The "/" was in the wrong place.  It should instead be as follows.
>- Amy

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